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Keyword Research For SEO - The (Ultimate) Beginners Guide in 2018

Udit GoenkaUdit Goenka

You, and I both know how important Keyword Research is for your business..

Even with hundreds of guide out there..

..you are still struggling to find your PERFECT keyword, aren't you?

No worries, I've got you covered..

..because without keywords, there is no existence of SEO, and without proper research, there is no existence of traffic for your website..

Even if you have no prior knowledge, this guide will help you become a PRO

A well-researched keyword can not only help you rank faster; but also can help you get a lot of traffic...and-help you make a lot of Money!

..and TODAY in this guide:

I will walk you through my Ultimate Guide to cherry pick the RIGHT keyword for your next SEO campaign (or Content Marketing) strategy in this step by step guide using my - Keywordly Technique.. to find keywords that would generate Profits

keyword research

# What is Keywordly Technique?

As I said in my introduction:

Keyword research is the foundation of your SEO Marketing Campaigns, pick a wrong keyword, and you can end up burning hundreds & thousands of dollars.

You may ask:

"Udit, where do I begin with my keyword research?"

I hear this question all the time from my clients, several friends, or people in my Facebook Friend list.

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If you are one of those person struggling to find the right keyword..

..then Keywordly Technique is all you need.

And Hence:

I decided to come up with my technique..

..and today I will show you how I do my keyword research and always get Instant results..

In Simpler Terms:

Keywordly Technique is the ability to find the right keyword for your niche (..or SEO campaign) using my x step guide after you have successfully written the article on your subject..

# Results Using the Keywordly Technique

I always relate Keyword Research with having a good and healthy spine..

..because just like how the spine is your backbone.. your keyword research is the backbone of the foundation of your SEO campaigns.

Before I even begin showing you my guide..

..let me show you a couple of results that I have achieved instantly using my technique.

My company Power Up Hosting deals with hosting, servers, and pretty much about all kinds Operating system..

..that made me wonder, how should I strategy my keyword research strategy.

The first thought that popped into my mind was.

"Business is built on the principles of providing a solution to a problem."

..and "Blogs are built on the principles of helping find information for the problem"

After doing the research using my Keywordly Technique (Keep reading..or if you are getting impatient, you can skip the result, though I won't suggest you to do so :) )

..I found my keyword linux hardware info

It has 1600 monthly searches, it gives a solution to people's query, is low in competition and is a medium tail keyword.

linux hardware info

If you're wondering what tool I am using to grab that quick information then Keep reading as I have covered that part in the later part of this tutorial..

..With Absolute no backlinks

linux hardware info poweruphosting results

Firing a couple of high-quality backlinks, setting up a couple of Private Blog Networks or doing a bit of social bookmarking and social sharing will certainly help me to push to #1 Position.

Which is what I am planning to do very soon.

..As you can see above, the post was recently published, and without any prior backlink profile it's already on Page #1 and currently shuffling from Position #4 to #8.

I will also cover how I used Keywordly technique to get on Page #1 for keywords like private blog network and pbn hosting for my GoPBN Project at the later part of this guide..

In case if you are being lazy to read then you can check out this short webinar (My First One)..

..Where I spoke about doing keyword research using the Keywordly Technique

In case if you want to just hear the Podcast then here is the Audio:

Here is the link to my SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/udit-goenka

# How does Keyword Affects your SEO

Let's be honest:

Picking up wrong keywords can be disastrous, not only for your campaign but your budget..


Let me give you two realistic example:

In the first example,

It's very straight forward..

I will use a keyword that's entirely relevant to the topic.

Let's say I am writing on diet snacks ideas

diet snacks ideas

..and I am coming up with my targeted Keyword as "good junk food snacks"

Though "good junk food snacks" is closely associated with Healthy Snacks..

..but it has nothing to do with Diet Snack Food..


Let's take Example two..

I have the same article, title but...

Now I am using the keyword "healthy snack list" or "snacks for dieting"

The above keywords are more relevant to the article.

(I will be covering two separate articles on the subjects: On Page SEO & SEO Copyrighting very soon (The process before working on the keyword research). Click Here to Subscribe and be the first one to get notified)

Though both the keywords have got decent monthly traffic

..but both the above keywords target two completely different subjects..


Picking up wrong keywords can do a lot of damage..

Keep reading as I will discuss the type of keywords you need to target with few more examples.

# Getting Started with your Niche Topic

Before you even begin with your keyword research, you need to do the following:

Indentifying Your Niche:

Identifying your niche is vital.

More importantly:

You knowing about your niche is even more important because only you would understand the general questions, queries, issues and problems about your subject.

Once you have identified your niche that you would enjoy to talk or write about..

Head over to the next step.

Look For the Subject you want to write

Now you have identified your niche; it's time for some fun!

Write down different subjects, and ideas for your blog articles. (P.S. Working on Keyword Research for a Thin page is different than research for blog articles)

If you are falling short on ideas then you can take the help from some of the following tools..

..before that to demonstrate better; I will use Dog Food Sub Niche in this example.

I won't go in-depth on how to come up with ideas in this blog post and will keep cover a separate article on this very soon. Click Here to Subscribe and be the first to get notified.

Buzzsumo: Enter your preferred Keyword or your Hero's website (Competitor sounds weird) to take some inspiration from them, and you will get some ideas..

You can sign up for a 14 Day Free Trial

dog food tips

In this example; I want to cover about Dog Food Tips..I went ahead and entered a keyword and found the following:

buzzsumo results dog food tips

As you can see above, this niche is indeed popular among users, and you can take some inspiration on what all subjects you can cover..

..and what kind of contents usually get shared among the users.

You can even enter your Hero's website to find out their most popular post.

To do that; simply enter their domain name..


..and here are the results and ideas:

iheartdog topic ideas

Like I mentioned earlier..to keep things very simple, I will cover a completely separate blog post on the subject of how to find titles.

Write on the Subjects that people would tend to share (I'll cover this concept in the SEO Copyrighting article that I'm covering later this month which is highly inspired by Brian Dean from Backlinko)..

Once; you have got all the details..

Begin with your research..

..and start writing about the article on your subject.


You're probably thinking why didn't I ask you to do the keyword research first?

This is where most people make mistakes in the new world of SEO where you write a whole subject revolving around your keyword..

..but all that has changed thanks to the Semantic Searching.

# Prerequsities

Before you begin with your keyword research; grab your excel sheet.

You can use Zoho or Google's excel sheet. (In this example we will use Google's Excel Sheet.

With the following Column in your excel sheet

  • Keyword
  • Volume Search
  • Competition
  • CPC

In this guide; I will use the Healthy Diet Food Article and try to come up with a better keyword for that Article as the article is already ready.

Let's begin!

# Begin with basic keyword ideas on paper or notepad or doing a simple Google Research

The very first thing I would do is head over to Google and search for the keyword "Healthy Diet Food"

and scroll down to the bottom and look for the suggestion.

google keyword suggestion

Copy all the keywords and paste them into your excel sheet.


Click on few of those keywords to get more some more keyword ideas that will be good enough to head over to the next step.

I went ahead did that and here is how my small list looks like:

health diet keyword list

All those weren't fitting on my screen; so I made a small GIF.

Don't worry if your list has repeated keywords; we will remove the duplicates later.

Quick Pro Keyword Research Tip:

When you are searching anything in google, and if you want to come up with 3 to 4 words keyword then add an underscore between the words to get more keyword ideas.

keyword research tips

# Google Keyword Planner


You have some keyword, to begin with..

Time to head over to Google Keyword Planner and paste all your keywords..

keyword planner find new keywords

Time to hit the search button to get some more keywords, ideas and suggestions.

There are close to 719 Keyword Suggestion Ideas!

keyword planner keyword ideas

Download them!

From nowhere..

Now I have close to 745 Keywords..

keyword count total

It's time to move to the next step!

Quick Keyword Research Tip:

If you don't have broad keywords yet, but you've one of your Hero's website (or any popular website who has covered that subject then get the URL and paste in Google Planner's URL landing page input field

keyword ideas landing page keyword planner

I've found 985 additional Keywords

more keyword planner ideas using url

..but I found a lot of useless keywords that I don't want..

keyword planner unwanted keywords


A lot of those keywords like "weight loss that works fast" are not (directly) related (we are covering about healthy diet food to lose weight) to what our topic is about..

...I've decided to set up some filters to weed out any possible overwork that I might have to do.

keyword planner include keywords


Here are some of the keywords I am going to exclude using the negative keyword option..

keyword planner negative keyword

The above settings will help you get rid of a lot of unwanted keywords.

You're now left with nice clean new keyword ideas..

url landing page keyword planner suggestion

Here is how my new list is looking like:

1215 keywords for health

Quick Pro Keyword Research Tip:

In case if you do not see the exact results in your Google Keyword Planner then here is a fantastic suggestion

Run some Ad Campaign in Google, and then give the Adwords team a call saying,

"Hey, my keyword planner is not showing the exact data, how do I use your product?"

Their team will instantly enable the keywords in your account.

I covered this trick in my last Workshop that was held in Mumbai. Do check out all the photos on my Facebook Page

# More Keyword Options using Ubersuggest & Keyword Shitter

This is what you need:

Ubersuggest.io is one of the most fantastic free keyword suggestion tool available in the market.

I will continue adding more keywords to my list by using the same keyword "Healthy Diet Food" in Ubersuggest..

ubersuggest healthy diet food


I found 114 more (I don't know if they are new but more keywords are better) Keywords to add to my list of keyword collection..


My keyword count is now 1329 Keywords

1329 Keywords

So far..it looks all good..

Time to continue looking for more keyword suggestion and ideas for different keywords options using the Keyword Shitter keyword suggestion tool.

Keyword Shitter will surprise you with the keyword suggestion and option it will give you that you cannot even think..

..let's grab all the keywords we got from Ubersuggest and load it on keyword shitter..

keyword shitter

Time to Shit the keywords ... :D

Let the script run..

..it will take some time until the "Shitting" is completed (Meanwhile; you can grab a coffee)

It took close to four minutes, and 114 keywords became 1162 Keywords:

keyword shitter tool result


The list of Keywords is up to 2491 keywords

2491 keywords

# Keywordtool.io Keyword Explorer

Keywordtool.io I will introduce you the next another good keyword explorer.

keywordtool io

I found close to 123 Unique Keywords on Keywordtool.io..

keyword io suggestion

Copy all the keywords using the Copy tool and paste the keyword in your list.

..that brings the keyword count to 2614 Keywords..

2614 keywords

Here ends the research with free tools..

# SEMrush Keyword Research


If you want to take things to a new level, it's time to switch to some paid tools to get better stats, suggestions and real data that will help you analysis better.

Quick Entrepreneur tip:

If you are serious about blogging or your Internet Business then consider buying these keyword tools and treat them as an investment and not expense

SEMrush is one of the best-paid tools in the marketing available for Keyword and data analysis for SEOers..

Let's explore more keyword opportunities...

I'll once again grab the primary keyword "healthy diet foods" and enter that keyword in the SEMrush's keyword explorer to get some keyword overview and more ideas..

SEMrush Keyword Overview

Here are the results for SEMrush's Phrase Match:

semrush phrase match

Where I found close 111 Keywords making my keyword count close to 2725 Keywords..

Want to know the best part about SEMrush's keyword explorer?

It's the Related Keyword!

semrush related keyword

Discovered close to 18,595 Related Keywords..


At times whatever results I see above with Google Keyword Explorer, Keywordtool.io, Ubersuggest, and Keywordshitter.. SEMrush handles them very nicely in their Related Keywords Report..

If your budget permits; grab them, and you can save yourself a lot of time.

..with the 111 keywords, my keyword count is now 2725 Keywords..

2725 keywords

I'll cover the Research & Analytical part of the keyword collected at the later part of this guide..

# Kwfinder Keyword Research

It's time for one of my personal favorite keyword search tool

Ever since I found KWfinder it has replaced Google Keyword Planner for all my researching campaign.


It uses Google's API to get all the stats (so the data is the same)..

..along with that it has it's own keyword difficulty suggestion.

I used their Keyword Difficult suggestion in several of my recent post written for keyword analysis and I have to say they are close to very accurate!

One such example is the "linux hardware info" keyword that I choose as a part of my experiment based on KWfinder's suggestion..

kwfinder seo difficult

As you can clearly see in the screenshot..

..the difficulty score of the keyword is 36/100

..and as per them, poweruphosting is ranking #5 currently with 0 backlinks..yes you heard that right!

If Keywordly Technique is working for me, it should work perfect for you..

# Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Time to head over to my next favorite tool which is Ahrefs

..let me tell you..as of now till 2017, Ahrefs have placed themselves as the best SEO data analysis and keyword explorer tool available in the market..

I vouch for them as it has saved me hours 'n' hours of time..

..but it's the most expensive one too!

I'll quickly head over to their Keyword Explorer Option

ahrefs keyword explorer

I'll once again use the primary keyword for this campaign..

..and hit on search (by default the United States is selected)

Here are the Ahrefs Keyword Ideas -

ahrefs keyword ideas

Combine them both, and you have keywords to add to your list..

..and here is what I have in total..close to 3018 Keywords (I'm yet to remove the duplicates which are the next step)

3018 keywords

# Using Quora & Forums to find more Keyword Ideas


You'll need to do some manual keyword research and look for the various questions that people are asking on platforms like Quora and various forums.

To do so you can use this search term query:

inurl:"quora.com" + Your Keyword

In this case:

I'll search for inurl:"quora.com" + healthy diet foods

google inurl query

Here are inurl query result

google quora inurl result

You'll notice some great ideas, suggestions more keywords that you can implement in your Article while writing.


One of your Sub Headings Can be:

This is what a Healthy Diet Consists

Another Sub Heading Idea:

The Fruit Diet for Healthy Eating


You are not stuffing keywords, but understanding what keywords (or type of information your user is looking)..


You can do the same for forums by using..

inurl:"forum" + Your Keyword

Here is how it looks in action

google forum inurl query

Notice how I have used "keyword"

This is to get more precise results; you can play around with both the queries..

I will cover later in this tutorial how to get started with Keyword Everywhere as well..

# Keyword Research, Analysis & Understanding


You'll need to remove the Duplicate Keywords..

TextMechanic is one of the best tools I've found that works amazing for finding and removing duplicates.

Copy all the keywords from your Excel Sheet and Paste it on Text Mechanic

textmechanic remove lines

Check the Remove Empty Lines Option and hit Remove Duplicate

..you will see this

textmechanic lines removed

I had close to 488 duplicate URL.


I'm left with close to 2530 Keywords which is pretty insane :)

It's now time to use this awesome keyword analysis tool..

..It's called as Keyword Everywhere

It's a fantastic [Chrome Plugin](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/keywords-everywhere-keywo/hbapdpeemoojbophdfndmlgdhppljgmp?hl=en" target="_blank) that you need to install and get the API for it.

keyword everywhere

Once the installation has successfully completed..

Click your Chrome User Icon and Select Bulk Upload Feature

keyword everywhere bulk upload

Once done, it's time to paste all the keywords

..and hit Get Search Volume and CPC

keyword everywhere keyword


I now have all the rich data!

keyword everywhere results

That's all we need..

It's time to sort things further out!

I'll now make three more tabs in the same spreadsheet sheet..

  • One with Sorting (After removing the duplicates
  • One with High to Low Search Volume
  • One with High to Low CPC
  • One with High to Low Competition
  • One with Backup (Original Keywords)

Quick Tip

I don't bother searching for anything above 0.5 in competition unless I find some exceptions

keyword research excel sheet tabs

From the entire list of keyword, I found an interesting keyword- "healthy snacks for weight loss"


..because it's a buyers keyword..

If you add some good Amazon or other health related deal, then this keyword can make you over $200-800 per month on auto-pilot if you can manage Page #1.

..again why is that?

I'll tell you why..

If the advertisers are ready to shed $2.33 per click, that means they have done their research, and they are getting sales for their product :)

healthy snacks for weight loss

I instantly felt good about that keyword..

..specially because the search Volume is good, CPC is fantastic (If you are using Adsense)..

..but if you are looking to run Adwords Campaign, you might look for keywords below $1 in CPC as per your requirements.


I would go and check the same keyword on Kwfinder, SEMrush, Ahrefs and a manual check to understand the competition..

How the Keyword Looks at Kwfinder

kwfinder report

Usually, I don't go for anything above 50/100 but this time I will make an exception as the Keyword is very close.

I do have some stiff competition as sites like health.com, eatingwell.com, etc. are ranking.

..but none of them have great contents :)

..so it's your time to shine!

How the Keyword Looks at SEMrush

semrush report

SEMrush is saying the difficult is very high..

..they probably analysed that health.com is ranking, and rest of the sites have pretty high DA/PA..

..Though I always take SEMrush into consideration, but over here based on my analysis and experience, I'll skip on their consideration..

How the Keyword Looks at Ahrefs

ahrefs report

Stats from Ahrefs looks delicious!

..and with 75% Click rate (..this means out 100 searches 75 people are clicking the results).

I've found my perfect keyword to optimize the article I shared earlier.

How the Keyword Looks at on Manual Google Search

google search competition results

Usually, if I find anything above one million, then chances of me picking up is rare (..unless the profitability is high).

Anything above 1million pages, I would recommend skipping on it as you'll only work with Medium Tail Keyword.

# Picking up your Medium Tail Keyword

Let's take a deeper look into why I picked up that keyword.

Why Medium Tail Keyword?

The answer is incredibly simple...

Long Tail Keywords used to great, but thanks to Semantic Searches, if you have too many similar short articles on the same subject; you will be hit with Penalty.

Short Tail Keywords are just too difficult to rank if you are just starting out your website..

Here is a fantastic article by Josh Steimle

..then what's left is the medium tail keyword that no one is really targeting.

# Why you should avoid using Long Tail Keywords

That would lead to next question..

..Can I still use Long Tail Keyword Strategy?

Yes, you can, but the amount of work involved would be a lot higher.. because gone are the days when you can get decent search volume for those traditional 500 words article.

Also, as I have mentioned a few times in the article, everything with Google is going Semantic as their AI keeps getting smarter & smarter..

In some cases, where you are building quality affiliates sites then the long tail strategy could work..

..but I would still advise you to start moving towards the Medium Size Competition keywords.

# Why you should come up with your Ideas and post First

One of the most important aspects of writing for the web involves, whom are you targeting..

..people who would share your article? or Google traffic who will eventually read and leave your site?

The answer is NO

In such case, you need to think different.

Write for the people would share your article. Come up with an idea, get your words counted and once completed, start working on Keyword Research at the end, then optimize your entire article accordingly.

# Summarization & Tools

It's a massive guide, so let's do a quick summarization..

I got some words and ideas from Google Search and then copied all those suggestions.


I loaded the primary keyword onto Google Planner, Keywordtool.io, Ubersuggest, and keyword shitter..

Once the list of keywords was ready, I went and more keywords from Kwfinder, SEMrush, and Ahrefs!

Compiled a beta list and then using Tech Mechanic, then I removed the duplicates.

Got the final list of keywords inside the Google Spreadsheet.

Looking to have look at the excel sheet? Enter Your email, I will send you the link.

Started looking for keywords with "Snacks" in them with the competition of 0.5 or less..

Once I found the keyword, I loaded them on Kwfinder, SEMrush, Ahrefs and did a manual check on the competition.

The competition level wasn't high..

Hence..finalized the keyword.

# Conclusion

As much as the time it took me to write this entire article, I hope you enjoyed spending every second reading this article.

I'm not a so called guru like how others call themselves, but I do believe in data-driven approach that I want to share with everyone.

If you appreciate my efforts and enjoy reading my articles then do share the article on your preferred social media channel.

..and if you have any question, or if you are stuck, need suggestions, advise then leave a comment below.

I would love to hear your stories (Results) and how Keywordly Technique helped you perfect your Keyword Research Ideas & Technique!

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