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I'm Udit Goenka

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I'm Udit Goenka

I come from a very entrepreneurial and hard working family. Nothing fancy, really. What makes me different, I’d say, is the everyday actions that have carried me through some crazy waves in life and in business. I know how hard it is to generate business from scratch, generate revenue, grow the business to multi-million dollar by implementing the right growth hacking strategies.

I’ve walked those shoes, and lived that mix of excitement with uncertainty.

I’ve founded, and made an exit from three startups (one was just a project) and generated sold products and services worth millions of dollars in my 13 years of journey.

I am currently running PitchGround & FunnelBake (Early-Stage) and have generated over $2m combined in sales in the year 2019 with an aim to push over $5m in sales in the year 2020.

My Story

If you still want to know a little bit more about me, I started marketing online at the small age of 17 years old. I learned Photoshop on my own and started creating logos as a freelancer and had to learn every which way possible to generate customers (this was before sites like fiverr existed). I soon learned that graphic and design was not my calling, even though I was (and like to think I still am) very good at it!

While working as a freelancer I met the person whom would eventually become my best friend and business associate, Oscar Hernandez and Lukas Liesis.

I learned (and still do) a wealth of information from this man, every single day. The most profound lesson I’ve learned from him is that learning is like oxygen. You cannot afford to live without it. When you stop learning about your business, your customer base, how to generate leads, how to market, and grow, your business will die a slow, painful death. The second lesson was that I could learn anything I put my mind to, and I could prove I’ve mastered something if I could also teach others to do the same things and achieve similar results. AKA: Growth Hacking & Entrepreneurship.

At the age of 19 I headed to Los Angeles, where I would learn first hand what real business people were doing to get their own startups off the ground and skyrocket their sales. Entrepreneurship has always been fascinating to me, and it was about to get even better.

During the most uncertain times in my Entrepreneurship, I’ve been able to build my web hosting brands (made a successful exit) and generate sales from people looking to buy servers for blogs, ecommerce, seo tools, e-gaming, and countless other niches. 

Before I knew it, I had generated millions of dollars worth of revenue. How did this happen? By following rigorous split testing schedules, implementing growth hacks, doing an ungodly amount of research, and building a rock solid brand.

After that, I started working on my first SaaS GoPBN which was a PBN Hosting platform which later got sold.

My most recent recent project has been PitchGround & FunnelBake which has combined generated over $2m in 2019 with a goal to hit over $5m in 2020. 

I co-founder with two amazing person in my life Lukas Liesis and Oscar Hernandez. (You can see the picture above).

This is the information I bring to you. Pure, un-adulterated data that you can ingest, digest, and put to action. And if you have any questions or success stories, do not hesitate to drop me an email, or message me on social media. 

I’m always happy to help!

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Today, over 13 years later, my focus is on teaching others how to discern between good advice, and false narratives.

There’s an exciting world waiting for you in Entrepreneurship alone, not to mention all the tips and tricks you’re going to learn about lead nurturing, list management, and other growth hacks to help you on the right path. Join me for one of our local seminars, or if you can’t make it, at least sign up for the newsletter below, it’s free. These actionable strategies are guaranteed to blow your mind!

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